We offer custom colors on our Catalina & Level Race Frames, but custom paint is not cheap. Select the frame size you want, then the custom color.  You can also add custom frame graphics to your frame to really complete the "custom look".  

Custom painted frames can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to get done depending on color availability or how busy the paint shop is.  Once finished, the frame is then brought back to Crupi so we can add the decals and finish your order to ship it to you.  If you are wanting an even more custom paint job than what we offer, please contact us by email so we can let you know what other features our paint shop can offer and what the additional cost would be. 


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Powder coat paint colors shown on this page will vary in color depending on your computer screen and the lighting with which the pictures and/or video of these colors were taken.  The colors will be as close to what you see as possible but we cannot gurantee an exact match to the color you see on this page.

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Custom Painted Frames sind in den jeweiligen Größen der Catalinareihe und Level Pro-Series bestellbar.