Crupi Mini Pedals


We at Crupi have always believed that beginning racers should learn to ride and race on flat pedals before using clip pedals. The advantage to using a flat type pedal (like Crupi) is that riders cannot lock their feet into place and when they ride, they have to learn body position on all obstacles in order to keep their feet on the pedals. Riders starting on clip pedals learn bad riding habits that can hurt them later on in their racing. We say to start them off with a flat pedal to learn how to ride, then go to clips when they are ready!

Still CNC Machined here in the USA and available with multiple cage colors. And now with the BMX racing rules being changed, all Novice riders in any age group must use a flat type pedal and cannot use a clip or SPD pedal until they move up to the Intermediate class. In Europe, the rules say that riders of any class under the age of 12 must use flat pedals and can only use clip pedals once they are 13. 

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Crupi Mini Pedals

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